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Class Options


Apple Class

2.5-3.5 Years Old
T-Th 8:00-12:00

The children in this class range from 2. 5 to 3.5 years old. This is our youngest class available. Our three year old classroom is constantly alive with energy and learning! Children in these classes are given  numerous opportunities to learn through play with a variety of  amazing hands-on activities, and arts and crafts. We work on large and fine motor activities, and allow plenty of time to interact with their peers to let their social skills grow organically. Unique lessons paired with a compassionate and positive learning environment are all valuable components of this class for your student!   


Willow & 
Maple Class

3.5-5 Years Old

M-Th 8:00-12:00

This classroom has been designed as a great stepping stone for children preparing to enter kindergarten. Age appropriate activities focused on letter and number recognition, pre-reading skills, writing, math, and problem solving. Students in the class are given countless opportunities to express themselves creatively, learn effective communication skills, and interact with their peer group.


Classroom activities emphasize different themes as children interact with their environment and materials. The classroom schedule includes circle time, outside play time, sensory explorations, fine/gross motor practice, and so much more! This class is a perfect choice for inspiring a love of learning for years to come and provides a solid foundation for future learning success. 


Aspen Class

3.5-5 Years Old

M-Th 8:00-3:30

Similar in design to the Willow and Maple Classes, this full day option provides more time to explore science and a more extensive Bible curriculum. The schedule also incorporates rest and lunchtime. 


Cherry Class

(Junior Kindergarten)

4.5-6 Years Old

M-Th 8:00-3:30

This class is specifically designed for children who miss the August 1st deadline for the Montrose County School District kindergarten program, or for those families who want to allow more time for their child to mature before entering kindergarten. This class is a wonderful way to give your child the “gift of time” and prepare for the best possible educational success.  


Children in these classes are challenged to learn at a higher level as teachers have high expectations for them. Learning opportunities in the classroom are focused on an author and artist of the month. Children explore different literary concepts, while also experiencing and experimenting in various forms. 

Jr. K was born and created out of a community need for a different kindergarten option before entering 1st grade. Our curriculum is a customized comprehensive kindergarten program. 

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