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Our Mission

Sonshine Patch Preschool is a Christian preschool committed to providing quality education, serving the children and families of Montrose and the surrounding communities.

Our Values



We are a network of professional teachers prepared to encourage and support children with faith-based learning and play.

We exist to educate young children and fulfill our responsibility to use our skills, talents, and facility to minister to children and work towards school readiness.

We teach to inspire a love of learning, Jesus, and others.

We use best practices and guide learning by providing exploration and interaction with real materials and objects.

Children and teachers are actively engaged in activities that are planned with intentional purpose.

Teaching is structured to celebrate a child’s individuality and personal growth.

The focus of our teaching through both teacher-led and child-led activities with consideration to a child’s abilities, skills, and interests includes the following areas:

  • Cognitive Development – Learning basic skills in language, math, science, and social studies: numbers, patterns, shapes, colors, letters, sounds, print, reading, and speech.

  • Social and Emotional Development – Learning to cultivate healthy peer and adult relationships, regulate and express emotions appropriately, show respect and kindness towards others and self, gain problem-solving skills, and to make smart and safe choices.

  • Physical Development – Strengthening skills in fine motor ability: writing, cutting, pasting, working with a puzzle, and in large motor ability: running, jumping, balancing, throwing/catching balls; as well as supporting healthy growth focusing on good nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, and hygiene.

  • Spiritual Development – Learning and studying Bible stories, the practice of prayer and encouragement, and fostering a love and knowledge of Jesus Christ

Our staff is state certified, maintain a high level of quality credentials, and are dedicated to ongoing professional development.

Our staff model integrity through their faith, good communication, work ethic, and commitment to the school and the families.

Families and Community

We provide opportunities for family involvement in our school through the Parent Action Committee – PAC.    

We communicate with the community through different social media platforms; and with families through emails, newsletters, texting, phone calls, bulletin boards, and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

We host a variety of fundraising and programming events which encourage family and community participation.

Safety & Facilities

Our building and playground are secure and well maintained. We use a school-wide system for checking children in and out for the day. Our playground is newly remodeled and nature-based, allowing us to bring the classroom outdoors. Rooms are designed for small class sizes to allow for low teacher-child ratios. As a Colorado State licensed center, we are committed to complying entirely with all of the rules and regulations that govern our school.   

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